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      Patents and Applications on Drugs

      Listed below are US classes for drug, bio-affecting, and body treating compositions patents and applications.

      Drug Related Patents and Applications
      1,2,4-triazolesimmunospecific immunoeffector applications
      12 to 15 peptide repeating units in known peptide chainMedicament containing
      2 peptide repeating units in known peptide chainMedicated
      3 or 4 peptide repeating units in known peptide chainMedicated Food
      5 or 6 peptide repeating units in known peptide chainMedicated Matrix
      Additional hetero ringNitrogen other than as nitro or nitroso nonionically bonded
      Additional hetero ring attachedNonspecific immunoeffector, per se
      Animal or plant cellO-glycoside
      Animal or plant cell applicationsOil-water type
      Antigen, epitope, or other immunospecific immunoeffectorOPHTHALMIC
      Body Oxygen single bonded
      Carboxylic acid, percarboxylic acid, or salt thereofPeptide repeating units
      Chalcogen attached directlyPeptide repeating units applications
      Chalcogen bonded directly to pyrimidine at 2-positionPlural hetero atoms in the bicyclo ring system
      Chalcogen or nitrogen bondedPlural hetero atoms in the polycyclo ring system
      CoatedPolymer containing
      Contains proteins or derivative or polysaccharides or derivativePolysaccharide
      Cosmetic Polysaccharides
      Diagnostic biological Pressure sensitive adhesive means
      Diagnostic biological applicationsPyrazoles
      DOAIPyrimidines with chalcogen bonded
      DOAI applicationsQuinolines
      DONIRing nitrogen in the additional hetero ring
      DONI applicationsSix-membered hetero ring
      Drug coumpoundSolid as carrier or diluent
      Errodable, resorbable, or dissolvingStructurally-modified antibody
      Eukaryotic cellStructurally-modified antibody applications
      Extracted from animal tissueStructured dosage unit
      Fluorine or fluorine compound containingSynthetic polymer
      Fusion protein or fusion polypeptideTablets
      Genetically modified micro-organism, cell, or virusTopical live body grooming or adorning aid
      Heterocyclic carbon compoundsTricyclo ring system
      Immunoglobulin or antibody fragment applicationsVirus or component thereof
      Immunoglobulin, antiserum, antibody, or antibody fragmentWhole live micro-organism