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      US Patents Classes on Electrical Computers

      Featured below are selected classes for US Patents related to electrical computers. Included in this listing are classes and subclasses in the range of 708 - 713 and 718 - 719. Patents in classes 708 - 713 tend to be related to topics such as processing, data transfer, i/o, and memory. Patents in classes 708 - 713 are related to topics such as virtual machine tasks and interprocess communication. You will find some of the more interesting classes listed below.

      Electrical Computer Related Patents
      Access LockingInput/Output Data Processing
      Accessing Another Computer's MemoryInterleaving
      Accessing Dynamic Storage DeviceInterpolation/Extrapolation
      AdaptiveInterrupt Processing
      Address MappingLoad Balancing
      Alternate Path RoutingLook-Ahead
      Application Program InterfaceMaster/Slave Computer Controlling
      ArchivingMemory Partitioning
      Authentication Of An Entity And A MessageMulticomputer Data Transferring Via Shared Memory
      BackupMulticomputer Synchronizing
      BinaryMultiple Memory Modules
      Bus Access RegulationMultiple Network Interconnecting
      Bus BridgeMultiple Or Variable Intervals Or Frequencies
      By CertificateNetwork-To-Computer Interfacing
      By External CommandObject Oriented Message
      Central Trusted Authority Provides Computer AuthenticationPartial Shutdown
      Clock Control of Data Processing SystemParticular Function Performed
      Combining Two or More Values to Create AddressParticular Node
      Computer ConferencingPath Selecting Switch
      Computer Network MonitoringPeripheral Monitoring
      Computer-To-Computer Data AddressingPower Sequencing
      Computer-To-Computer Data FramingPriority Based Messaging
      Computer-To-Computer Data ModifyingProcessing Agent
      Computer-To-Computer Data StreamingProcessing Control For Data Transfer
      Configuration InitializationProcessing Sequence Control
      Congestion AvoidingProtocol
      Context PreservingRandom Number Generation
      Cooperative Computer ProcessingReconfiguring
      Correction For Skew, Phase, Or RateRouting Data Updating
      Data Transfer SpecifyingScoreboarding, Reservation Station, Or Aliasing
      Decimation/InterpolationSecurity Levels
      Direct Memory AccessingSnooping
      Directory TablesSpecialized Instruction Processing In Support Of Testing
      Dynamic Instruction Dependency CheckingStatus Storage
      Dynamic Random Access MemorySuperscalar
      EqualizerSystem Configuring
      Event Handling Or Event NotificationTime Sharing
      Exeception ProcessingTranslation Tables
      Having Key ExchangeUsing Delay
      Having Power Source MonitoringVirtual Machine Task
      Input/Output Access Regulation